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  • What is Barre & Brunel Footwear?


    We offer Europe's craftsmanship to Asia.

    Barre et Brunel footwear is the closest it gets to genuine hand made shoes. We select our leather from the best tanneries and make our shoes in Spain. All dress shoes are goodyear welted.

    The patina is at the heart of Barre & Brunel Footwear. We strive to satisfy all shoe aficionados with our beautiful hand made patina.

    Barre et Brunel shoes are a wearable piece of Art.

    Leather shoes

    Today, the best leather is still made in Europe. We select premium leather from the best European tanneries, including, among others,Tannerie du Puy (Hermès tannery) in France, Antilope in Italy, Stead in the UK.

    Goodyear welted shoes

    Our shoes are as close as it gets to hand made shoes. We work with Spanish craftsmen who work in the century old tradition of the goodyear technique. Since beginning of the 20th Century, this technique has been preserved through the generations and to this day remains a hallmark of the fine craftsmanship.

    Goodyear welted shoes are stronger than other leather shoes. That means, a pair of Barre & Brunel, well maintained, can live for years.

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